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Papa al pomadorro: substantial tomato soup with pesto  $5

Farinatta: chickpea tart with romesco, aioli, olives, bruschetta  $7

Spinach and arugula salad: dried apples, toasted walnuts, pecorino romano dressing  $9

Mushroom salad: seasonal mushrooms, balsamic reduction, local greens, toasted pine nuts  $12

Grain salad: farro, finely shredded cabbage, herbs and seedlings, figs, advieh dressing, toasted seeds  $8

Bruschetta and crostini  $5

Asiago and prosciutto stuffed cherry peppers  $7


Pizza sandwiches  $8

Soppressata: arugula, mascarpone, spicy cured sausage

Prosciutto: spinach, provelone, tomatoes

Cecilina: chickpea puree, arugula, tomatoes, tapenade

Tre formaggio: three types of cheese on sourdough


Pasta  $13

Chittara pasta with spicy marinara sauce

Garginelli with fontina cheese, arugula pesto, and pine nuts

Gnocchi with porcini mushrooms, ricotta, and rosemary

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni with cherry tomato ragu


Curry du jour $3

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