new moon, new we

We will be settling into winter by having a little dinner in the dark next week. In keeping with the contemplative connotation of the New Moon at the end of autumn, we will be presenting a chance to quietly be amongst one another and enjoy a simple meal in a quiet, beautiful space together.

Doors will be open at 7 and tea will be served at 6. Food will be served at 7. Following the dinner, those interested are welcome to stay and take advantage of a quiet space to regroup ourselves. Depending on interest, There will also be a midnight meal.

The food will be a simple variation on the Japanese omakase, a series of courses prepared in accordance to the season. Please let us know of any allergies or aversions when RSVPing so we can accommodate appropriately. We will be keeping the numbers quite limited for this first event, but will be developing it over time- in a way, this is the first course of what will ultimately be a meal spanning the month and beyond.

The food will be pay what you like- and in effect, it will be paying it forward to there guests to come. If you wish to donate produce, that is always welcome.

please RSVP to nathan.isberg@gmail

@nathanisberg on instagram